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To feel the texture of the paper as you turn the page of a great book, to rip the plastic off of a freshly purchased CD, picking up the latest edition of a newspaper with your morning cup of coffee: even in an increasingly virtual world, these things still have a place in the hearts of many Americans. With those nostalgic acts of the American way of life comes a need to promote and inform the consumer… and labels are still a primary way in which this is achieved. Publishers, music industry leaders and movie buffs regularly look to Tri-Flex as a leading source for their labels.

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Just Like Music

to your ears.

From small DVD and CD replication firms to large scale record labels, Tri-Flex has worked to assist in drawing the attention of regular users and new fans by providing attractive labeling for your products.

Attention grabbing special offers and promotions can help increase sales and promote your brand as well as more visibly displaying the contents of the package.

So make your novel noticed by book worms or your CD prominently overpower the competition by working with Tri-Flex to create attractive promotional labels.

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Product Anticipation

... keep them coming back for more.

Leading music, media and publishing executives count on the Tri-Flex team to provide labels that affix to the outside of consumer products and promote future projects.

In order to develop a significant fan base it’s important to keep the world informed about the next upcoming novel or future album release. Generating anticipation at the point of purchase by directing them towards social media outlets or website promotions can create a buzz for you brand, resulting in increased sales.

We help to assist in conveying this message through our experience manufacturing the most appealing labels in the industry.

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... go above and beyond.

Promotional pieces affixed to your product can help to develop shelf appeal and capitalize on consumers shopping desires.

Poorly printed materials will not send the right message about the quality of your product. That is why Tri-Flex ensures every label to leave our Long Island, NY production facility is one we’re proud of and exceeds industry standards

With stringent quality control measures, our team inspects the distinction of each label and makes certain each finished product meets your specifications.

Quality, size, material, wind direction and shipping instructions are all confirmed through our system of checks to supply you with the label you desire so you can maximize customer reactions to your product.

Trending Solutions

  • Ultra Removable Adhesives

    Manufacturing your label on a substrate with minimal adhesion, such as Ultra Removable Adhesives, allows for no residue to be left on the product when removed. This is often used as a promotional advertisement on the front page of a newspaper. The mild adhesive ensures that the fragile newsprint paper is not ripped when the label is peeled off. Easy to affix and simple to remove… what could be better?

  • Wind Directions for Application

    We know what is done with our labels once they leave the shop and we want to ease the application process. When using an automated label applicator it is important to know the direction in which the labels are wound so they can be affixed properly. On occasion, it is necessary that we supply the label in multiple directions for use in different machines. Let us know and we’ll make sure you receive what you require.

  • Master Carton Labels

    What's inside that box? Publishers are regularly purchasing labels used for master carton application so as to identify carton contents. When stores receive the large box of your product you want them to be easily identified and properly promoted. Display your brand on these master cartons as well.

  • Foil Substrates

    We don’t only print on paper. A variety of materials are available and one that is commonly used is Gold and Silver foil stocks. Available in both Bright and Dull, they provide an excellent appeal to consumers for use on CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-Rays.

  • QR Codes

    Redirecting the consumer to a website, social media account or mobile app by utilizing a QR Code, which is scanned by a smart phone, has become an innovative marketing tool used by many industry leaders. Imprinting this code onto labels which are affixed to related products allows marketers to offer a significantly more amount of information to the consumer than could be placed on a single label. Once the user is directed to this site, marketers are able to brand their image, inform consumers about future projects or further educate them on product details. A win for us all.

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Label Portfolio

a brief sampling of all we can do.

Ladies Home Journal Book Club Label
Special Edition Anthropologie Label
John Grisham Calico Joe Label
Twilight Director's Notebook Label
Django Label
Newsday 50 cents Label
Silver Foil Labels
New York Times Bestseller Label
Dean Koontz Odd Apocalypse Label
Autographed Copy Label
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