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With a wide array of uses for labels, it’s no wonder production facilities, warehouses and offices across the country look at labels as an effective option for solutions to a variety of their troubles. Labels are a useful medium to convey important warning, packaging and instructional information and can be manufactured so the lifespan of your label can withstand the harshest of environments. With a variety of options in regards to face stock, adhesive, size, shape and colors, Tri-Flex can produce the exact label you need with precision, speed and efficiency.

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of label excellence.

Since our early days in a small Plainview facility, Tri-Flex has found a partner in those looking for industrial labels and has continued with that tradition of label excellence.

As it is a large part of our market share, Tri-Flex understands your necessity to have a label that achieves results. With extensive experience working with workflow management systems to provide effective label solutions our team will examine your application and collaborate with your staff to produce a label that exceeds your expectations. Our production of labels for use on corrugated surfaces, electronics, machinery, storage racks, barrels or warehouse bins has assisted firms throughout the country reach the results they require.

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In response to our customers’ requirements that our labels be approved by Underwriters Laboratories, Tri-Flex ventured through the application process to become a UL Approved Vendor.

After supplying information regarding material specifications, our production processes and quality control procedures we were given the privilege of being an authorized label supplier. This certification allows our labels to display the UL Logo and have the approval for use on products that require a UL listing. With the appreciation of our clients, we have utilized this certification to supply labels that are able to be used on lighting products, electronic equipment, household goods and many others. If you are looking for a label printer who is on the UL database of authorized label suppliers, look no further.

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flexibility that works.

Tri-Flex provides industrial and warning labels on a variety of material for indoor and outdoor use to maximize operational efficiency. Warning labels can help prevent injury by informing the user of potential hazards while security, property or asset label tags can assist firms in inventory management of tools and equipment.

All types of industrial labels and industrial decals can be produced using abrasion resistant materials, destructible vinyl’s or waterproof, weatherproof stocks. When selecting the best substrate it is important to determine if there are any high temperature resistance concerns, a need for high strength adhesion or chemical resistance necessities. Anti Static ESD labels, barcode and UPC labels, hazard labels, shipping labels, as well as pallet and drum labels all can be produced using the flexographic print process, By utilizing Tri-Flex’s extensive die library we reduce your tooling costs that may be incurred with our competitors.

Trending Solutions

  • Tamperproof Security Labels

    Once your label is applied you may need to know if has been removed or reused in order to protect the contents of the package. By utilizing random security slits throughout your labe it will cause the label to split into many small pieces when attempted to be removed. A destructible vinyl material could also be to be sure when the label is removed it cannot be placed on another product. An additional option is to utilize a void material which would leave a residue on the product to indicate it has been tampered with. Contact our label experts to discuss which solution would be best for you.

  • Liner Printing

    Printing on the liner of your label could be necessary to provide instructions for the user or for use in label applicator equipment. Timing marks are often printed on the liner of the label for sensors to read the spacing between labels to indicate when a blank die cut label should be printed or a finished label applied to a product. Instructions can also be placed here in order to inform the user on how the label should be utilized without negatively impacting the visual appeal of the label itself.

  • Internal Die Cuts

    Sometimes it is important to have a shapes cut within the center of label to allow for application around an object or to improve the visual impact of the image. Tri-Flex’s in house Art Department will collaborate with your team to create the necessary shapes and a custom die will be ordered to meet your specifications.

  • Dayglo Material

    Bright fluorescent stocks are regularly used to help enhance the appeal of a large variety of labels and bring attention to the information contained. Commonly used for caution labels or warning labels dayglo material is supplied in a wide range of colors and can be paired with either permanent or removable adhesives. Pallets and shipping containers often use these labels as well to bring attention to shipment contents or advise shippers of destination requirements.

  • Self Laminating Labels

    Sometimes called Flap Lamination, this solution allows for only a part of the lamination to be applied to the face stock leaving a portion exposed to be secured by the user at a later time. This product is often used for oil burner labels, equipment service labels or product coding labels so that content can be manually applied to the open area and then protected once the remaining lamination is applied. Contact our team for samples or other uses of this common practice.

  • Spot UV Coating

    Spot UV coating allows for a portion of the label to be covered in a protective coat while allowing a portion of the label exposed for later use. This uncoated area can be used to manually add additional information at a later time such as expiration dates, lot numbers, SKU codes, or nearly any required content.

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