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Utilizing an appealing label to attract interest in your brand and create credibility for your product is essential in succeeding in the health and beauty industry. Attractive cosmetics labels are certainly an essential component to any product’s marketing strategy and ensuring a beneficial partnership with a credible label printing firm is vital. This is why leading cosmetic and fragrance developers throughout the nation turn to Tri-Flex to be their leading label vendor. Lengthy market experience, superior customer service and outstanding labels are what industry leader’s value in their relationship with Tri-Flex.

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and we know how to use it.

Knowledge of your market proves to be a significant advantage in working to supply you with the labels you require.

A relationship with Tri-Flex is not just advantageous because of our state of the art equipment and industry leading labels, but because we know the trends of your market and develop labeling solutions before you even asked for them.

When required to regularly change label contents due to ingredient revisions or rebranding strategies, Tri-Flex’s in house art department proves to be exceedingly valuable. Due to their flexability and experience in resetting type, your label goes from drawing board to reality in no time.

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meets product success.

Supplying leading health and beauty experts with upscale looking labels has allowed Tri-Flex to become a leader in the marketplace and find their labels on the shelves of stores all throughout the nation.

From personal care products to an array of fragrance bottles we supply labels that advance your products image and drive shelf traffic. By developing relationships with leading material supplies Tri-Flex has the ability to provide you with the necessary materials, varnishes and over-laminates needed to conquer nearly any packaging challenge. With options including matte materials, no look labels, opaque inks and clear films we find the beauty and personal care leaders looking to Tri-Flex for solutions that work.

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it's like success on a silver platter.

The secret to Tri-Flex’s success has been our family's ability to forge relationships with yours.

Excellence in customer service, primarily our flexibility, has proved to be a valuable asset to those who have placed their trust in us. Providing rush services, press proofing opportunities, up to date order projections and even personal label delivery, continues to be a commonplace occurrence for the Tri-Flex team.

Health and Beauty distributors have found a partner in us when we provide them with pressure sensitive labels for their foundation, lip balms, lotion and fragrance packaging. Follow the leaders and choose Tri-Flex.

Trending Solutions

  • Extensive Die Library

    With an extensive library of various shapes and sizes, we save tooling costs by having an array of options for you to choose from. Be sure your label fits on its package and appeals to your consumer. Ask our team if we have the size for you.

  • Matte Lamination

    Utilizing a matte finished over lamination to your label can provide a solid texture and more subtle look to your product. This trend can also create a thickness to your label giving it the substantial weight you may require.

  • The "No Label" Look

    Many brands invest in developing a unique container to display your products image. Enhance this bottle by utilizing a clear film material to create that “no label” look. It will appear as if all the printing is directly on the package but instead it is that perfect print impression on a Clear Bopp or Mylar stock. Solutions that work!

  • Hot Stamping

    A foil stamped directly onto to your products label can provide a rich impressive image. Our design experts can work with your staff to help determine just the right amount of hot stamping image to help your product excel on the store shelves. Available in an array of colors, hot stamping can be that leading edge to beat out the competition.

  • Expanded Content Label

    Small bottle... Large amount of information? Expanded Content Labels are the perfect option for creating extra locations to include required information. This second layer triples the amount of space available so you can include ingredients, directions, regulator or promotional information.

  • QR Codes

    Redirecting the consumer to a website, social media account or mobile app by utilizing a QR Code, which is scanned by a smart phone, has become an innovative marketing tool used by many industry leaders. Imprinting this code onto labels which are affixed to related products allows marketers to offer a significantly more amount of information to the consumer than could be placed on a single label. Once the user is directed to this site, marketers are able to brand their image, inform consumers about future projects or further educate them on product details. A win for us all.

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a brief sampling of all we can do.

Streamline Dental Label
BodyGesic Label
Pressed Powder Foundation Label
Diane von Furstenberg Label
Kiehl's Moisturizer Label
DiabetiDerm Lotion Label
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