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By definition, Packing is the science, art, and technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale and use but we all know it is far more than just that. Designing the packaging is a key marketing strategy to attract customer’s attention. Regardless of the quality of the product, if it is not attractively packaged, who would buy it? According to industry leaders, there are three key elements to packaging; shape, color and font. Creating the right label can address these three elements. Let our team of industry expert’s help you create the label that can attract the attention you want and will result in increased sales.

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and we know how to use it.

At Tri-Flex, we have many years of experience understanding your market and the demands placed on you.

Striking a balance between visual appeal and informational content is at the forefront of your labeling desires. We know that. We also know how difficult making both work together can be. Let us put our experience to work for you and take the difficulty out of product labeling by having the solutions to your heat and cold resistance issues, food contact safety concerns, food migration worries and nutritional fact formatting. Our labels are found on the shelves of stores all throughout the nation and our customers continue to return to Tri-Flex for our reputation of consistent results.

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Private Labeling

from the big brands to the under dogs.

Both large scale distribution firms and private label novices turn to Tri-Flex to make their vision a reality.

Allow us to take your artwork and create a label that will “pop” on the shelf and outshine the competition.

We continue to build strong relationships with bottlers and food packagers across the country who are looking for a strong, reliable partner in the label industry.

Working with our food expert counterparts, we provide the labeling know-how to get the job done by regularly pushing the limits of our technological and creative abilities to achieve outstanding results.

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... we're all over 'em.

Every project comes with it's challenges which is why we use every experience to grow our business in the best direction: towards you.

  • Developing a solution for protecting the label face stock when faced with certain product spillage
  • Working with leading material suppliers to utilize Ultra Clear lamination to prevent “fish eyes” in the lamination.
  • Having our design team work with up and coming food manufacturers to craft a label that stands out from the other choices on the shelf.
  • Providing a perfect color match to allow our label to cover up an error on the flexible packaging

Trending Solutions

  • Cold Temp Adhesives

    Understanding the label application is paramount in choosing the appropriate substrate. Cold Temp adhesives are perfect for use on frozen or refrigerated meat products. But don’t forget to let us know if the label is being applied at room temperature or when the product is cold already.

  • Inventory Management Systems

    We understand that timing, space and sales all factor in to how often you will repeat your orders. Our inventory management systems assist in that process. We regularly work with our food & beverage clients to ensure your labels arrive when you need them so you can do what you do best. Be sure to ask us about our warehousing and release services.

  • Durable Face Stock

    Pressure sensitive labels are applied each day to glass bottles, but do we need to be concerned at where that bottle is placed after the label is applied? Absolutely! Your eye catching label will do no good for your beverage branding if it falls off when placed in a cooler of ice, freezer or refrigerator. Use an adhesive that will hold up and a face stock that will protect your image.

  • Post-Press Customization

    Do you have your company image you want to brand but have a variety of product information that changes from one product to another? Tri-Flex works with a variety of supermarkets, stores and food distributors to provide labels with your product branding information and open spacing to allow for use in thermal transfer or direct thermal printers. The open space allows a place for individual product details to be included as needed.

  • Metallic Inks

    Utilize metallic inks to provide an extra level of sophistication to your label. Metallic inks are water based and are printed in the same manner as standard color inks and can be added to nearly all label orders. PMS 871 Gold and PMS 877 Silver are typically the most common colors chosen.

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Label Portfolio

a brief sampling of all we can do.

Check out this label's owner: our valued customer and long-time friend, Delicias Andinas
Arepas Quimbaya Label
Dylan's Candy Bar Label
Pasta Time Marinara Label
Rancher's Reserve Beef Label
Goose Valley Brown Rice Label
Goose Valley Wild Rice Label
Supremo Italiano EVOO Label
Fresh Fusion Label
Caviar Label
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