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In today’s crowded household goods marketplace it's, now more than ever, important to give your product a powerful presence and compelling appearance to promote your brand. These prime labels must convey pertinent product information while still being visually appealing to consumers. Shape, color and design all play a role in a products packaging and have significant impact in consumer purchasing decisions. That being said, a considerable interest must be placed in product packaging to help facilitate product success and develop brand preference. Store shelves across the nation are stocked with products whose firms were assisted by Tri-Flex to win the interest of the consumer and drive customer loyalty. Join the Tri-Flex family and discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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and we know how to use it.

Understanding a label’s use is such an important component of the manufacturing process.

Failing to comprehend the application of a label could potentially create further problems down the line, resulting in wasted time, energy and money.

Tri-Flex has a long history ensuring full comprehension of our products use prior to production. With decades of experience in the Consumer Goods market, we put our experience to work for you by collaborating with your team to examine the project and be sure we afford you with a label solution that works. We’re experts at utilizing the flexographic print process to print quality pressure sensitive labels… every time.

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True Relationships

... the glue that keeps it all together.

Building lasting relationships has been the secret formula to the success of Tri-Flex and our ever-growing family of clients.

We’re never just looking for that “next order” but, instead, working to build strong partnerships that help you achieve your toughest business objectives and maybe enjoy ourselves along the way. With that in mind, all members of the Tri-Flex team regularly exceed the expectations of our customers by provide timely and accurate responses to customer services requests, expert labeling advice and superior printed products.

With enough to stress about throughout the business day, let Tri-Flex make the label purchasing process simple and pain free.

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Stick it

and keep it stuck.

Regardless of how good your product is, or how nice of a label has been applied to the packaging, if it doesn’t hold up on the product, no one is going to see it.

Ensuring the most appropriate material and adhesive are selected for your application is just as important as a quality print job in Tri-Flex’s eyes. Selecting the necessary durable face stock to withstand environmental factors encountered during shipping, storage and consumer use can be an important manufacturing decision.

With partnerships across the converting industry, we utilize leading paper, film and foils combined with permanent, removable or repositionable adhesives to ensure the substrate make up works for you.

Trending Solutions

  • Alternating Copies

    Sometimes production processes demand the need for both the front and back label to be supplied on the same roll. No problem! Each item can simply be provided as an alternating copy, one after another. Don’t be limited by the labels, ask our team about how we can furnish you with labels that meet you production's requirements.

  • Film Labels

    Labels printed on film materials are often much more durable than those supplied on a standard paper. Film labels can withstand moisture, chemicals and abrasion for protection throughout the life of your product. Household goods often utilize these materials to lengthen the life of their label while providing a professional look. Films are available to a variety of specifications including clear, white, metallic and more.

  • The “No Label” Look

    Studies have shown that consumers want to actually see the product before purchase. So if your mouthwash, detergent or window cleaner is obstructed by the label, that might hinder your potential customer's purchase decision. Instead, opt for printing on a clear film in which the contents of the package can be easily seen. By utilizing this trend, you are given the illusion that the artwork is printed directly on the container with nearly invisible edges.

  • The Cover-Up Label

    Was something inadvertently printed wrong on your preexisting labels or packaging? Cover up labels are the perfect option for orrecting a printed mistake. By utilizing an opaque, blacked out adhesive, the below incorrect copy is completely covered with the new, appropriate information. Our ability to provide precise color matching will ensure you, and more importantly, your customers, barely notice that little snafu.

  • Rush Services

    One common theme among longtime Tri-Flex loyalists is their value placed in our ability to rush an order through the production process in times of trouble. Things happen and sometimes you truly do need your label "yesterday". Our flexible production facility has presses standing by for occasions like this; ready and waiting to get your job on, off and out the door. Same day turnarounds are no stranger to us so if your current label supplier cannot meet that deadline… give us a shot, there’s a chance we can.

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Label Portfolio

a brief sampling of all we can do.

Lacoste Label
Magnifico Plus Label
Flavor Infuser Label
Nine West Label
Verizon Label
Netgear Label
Target Label
Universal Storage Lable
Accuspray Label
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