What is That Thing? : Tri-Flex Label's Logo Explained

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Afew years back, the members of the Tri-Flex team began a venture to establish a fresh new image through the development of a new logo that embodied the growth and innovative capabilities that have become Tri-Flex. The result of this process was a new graphic signature that incorporates the character of its team and the essence of their corporate mission. Each of the three layers identifies attributes of their organizations philosophy, wrapped around a sphere which exemplifies their dedication to building lasting relationships with their clients. Quality, Commitment and Innovation are symbolized by these three layers: underscoring the importance Tri-Flex places in each.

Diagram explaining the Tri-Flex Label logo


Their pledge to continually provide the most stunning labels the industry can offer, through expert printing and outstanding quality control is represented in their devotion to quality. It all begins in their Art Department; utilizing industry leading equipment, their talented Graphic Artists ensure your artwork is formatted correctly and transferred properly onto the printing plate. As projects move through their pressroom, talented Press Technicians make your vision become a reality by utilizing over 100 years of combined experience in converting and producing labels used in businesses small and large across the nation. Both on-press and off, no detail is overlooked. Their finishing department visually inspects each label before it is wound onto easy-to-use rolls, placed into clean, neat packaging and processed for a timely departure.


Going the extra mile for their clients has been a cornerstone concept for Tri-Flex since its inception in 1986. Routinely fielding customers questions with accurate answers, providing unmatched rush services and personal, friendly relationships is embodied by their everyday work. Tri-Flex’s early and continued commitment to it's customers was made evident in a quote by the firm’s President, Kevin Duckham, in a 1990’s issue of Printing Impressions magazine. He stated “if satisfying a customer means personally delivering an order, I’ll drive it there myself.” That uniquely high level of dedication to their customers still holds true despite today’s rapidly paced and increasingly impersonal marketplace.


With extensive industry knowledge, Tri-Flex places significant importance in providing solutions to it's customer's printing needs. Whether it’s researching a new substrate, working with ink manufacturers to create that perfect match of opacity and color, or figuring out a way to produce that “magic label,” their team knows how to find results. Consistently reinvesting in technology has allowed them to keep up with their competitors and have the innovative solutions to customers’ most difficult printing requirements.

The distinct components of their logo assists in creating a focused work environment for all staff members and provides an expectation to uphold to their clients. It allows them to further meet the needs of the evolving business world, while maintaining the characteristics they have held to be essential over their 25 year history.

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