Tips on Prioritizing Your To-Do List and Getting Stuff Done


Our daily lives can get pretty complicated and common distractions can make it so much worse. By prioritizing your to-do list and being mindful of productivity-boosting technology anyone can become a kick-ass task destroyer!




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Priority is key to a good to-do list. Laura Vanderkam of Fast Company recommends sorting them by asking yourself 5 questions:

  • Does this take me closer to my goal?
  • Does this really matter to my boss?
  • Does this make me money?
  • Does this lighten my mental load?
  • Does this have to be done today?
If you answer "no" to a task on all those questions, then drop it to the bottom of the list. The rest, order them by how many "yes" they score, with the most yeses getting top spot. Of course, this depends on how big your to-do list is, use your judgement and make sure it's still useful.

Reduce the Noise

Cognitive overload can stop anyone dead in their tracks. Fact is, we are bumbarded with ads all. day. long. It can drive you nuts, not to mention derail your to-do list. Try AdBlock

The most popular Chrome extension, with over 15 million users! Blocks ads all over the web. The original AdBlock for Chrome. Block all advertisements on all web pages, even Facebook, Youtube, and Hulu.

Save. Don't Click.

When was the last time you were really hard at work, making lots of progress, and then you get an email or spot a tweet that sounds FANTASTIC, but you're working, so you ignore it and keep working... Did you just say never?! Then Pocket is for you: it bookmarks things on all of your devices so that great link you spotted will be there waiting for when you have time!

Get Organized Information

Keeping up to date on all of your favorite news channels, blogs and sites can eat up a huge chuck of time. Instead, head on over to Feedly and sign up for your own free RSS reader account. Feedly is great because it brings you the newest content from your favorite corners of the net 24/7.

Concentration. 1. 2. 3.

Many people like to look back once a task is complete and comment on the amount of time the task took them. A better way to do it is allocate a specific ammount of time for each task. Light a fire under that booty! For this, try Moosti, it's a simple time tracker that allows you to set work time and break time!


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