PMS Colors & Color Matching

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Pantone Swatches

PMS, the abbreviation for Pantone Matching System, is the print industry standard for reproducing colors to ensure the user is provided with the exact color required.

This unique coding system allows a number to be assigned to a color for easy matching during the print process. PMS Colors are most often used in Spot Color Printing to ensure an exact match is made when the final label is printed. In most orders the customer will provide Tri-Flex with the PMS number for each color on the label, or many times it is even embedded in the art file. Once the order moves to production, our experienced pressroom staff will ensure the accurate colors appear on the finished product

Example image of line screen

When large arrays of colors, shades or screens are required to be printed, many times Process Printing will be the most suitable solution to achieve the desired effect. CMYK, which is also called Four Color Process Printing, utilizes a blend of Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) to create the optically identical of the color required. An overlay of dots, or screens, of each color are printed one on top of another, creating millions of color possibilities, smooth color transitions, photorealistic images and complex designs. The mix of these four special colors produces the images seen on most consumer products all around the world. Process Printing is not the most suitable print technique when perfect color matches are required; For labels that need both Process Printing and a critical color match, Tri-Flex will often add the PMS equivelant to the existing CMYK line-up, resulting in a five-color-process job that meets all requirements.

Flower photograph separated into CMYK
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