Let's Get Shiny: Metallic Inks

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Tim 7 Feb Posted in Industry

Let's Get Shiny!

Metallic objects evoke many thoughts and perceptions in the mind of buyers: High-Quality, High-Class, Strength... Are you trying to evoke these same feelings? Spiff up your label and make your product shine with Metallic Inks.


Brand managers increasingly look for creative methods to appeal to consumers when packaging their product and, in doing so, have often requested the use of metallic inks to draw in potential customers. Tri-Flex provides this option to our valued customers as a way to help them achieve their objectives and develop packaging that differentiates their product. The use of metallic inks, while a bit more complex than standard colors, is common for our experienced production staff. These aqueous inks contain minuscule metal shavings, or particles, that create the metallic effect visualized on the label. This is much different from hot stamping where an actual foil is heated and adhered to a labels facestock. When using metallic inks, the actual printed impression contains the ink and offers a brilliant, classy look. Utilizing our water based system, these specialty inks have recently been called upon for use on perfume, olive oil, wine and beer labels to create allure for the product. Metallic inks can be applied to both paper and film substrates but work best on materials that have a coated face. Available in an array of color options, we work closely with the top ink manufacturers in the industry to create inks that offer solutions to your packaging concerns. Tri-Flex consistently works to develop innovative packaging solutions to assist in expanding your brand and drive shelf traffic. Consult the Pantone Metallic Ink Formula guide for a full list of options regarding metallic inks or contact a customer service representative for additional information.

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