2014 Facelift for Nutrition Fact Guidelines?


Is a phase of reformating nutritional fact panels on the horizon? Food and Beverage manufacturers may be required to make necessary changes if the newly proposed FDA Nutrition Fact guidelines are approved, but you don't have to fret: Tri-Flex is here to help.


Tim Duckham

The Food and Drug Administration recently released a statement proposing an overhaul to the Nutrition Fact guidelines, which could have major implications for Food and Beverage manufacturers. The most comprehensive revision in the 20 plus years since the FDA required nutritional facts to be placed on food products will place a larger emphasis on total calories and added sugars. In 1969, faced with the mounting onslaught of processed foods hitting the American market, the federal government convened a conference of nutritionists who first introduced the nutritional facts for food products on a voluntary basis. In 1990, the FDA then made this a requirement and the labels have since remained relatively untouched. If approved, these new requirements would have an impact on Food & Beverage manufacturers and the printers who service them.

What does this mean for my product labels?

Food and Beverage manufacturers would be required to update the format of the nutritional facts section of their product packaging or labeling. Information would need to be resized, relocated and reformatted in order to meet the new requirements. In order to adapt to the changing food environment the FDA is proposing serving size to reflect actual consumption, the removal of the calories from fat line, as well as making the total calories more prominent. Also, the introduction of an added sugars line will require firms to have this information readily available. While beneficial to consumers the new requirements could pose challenges to product packaging and thus manufacturers should be sure they plan for these changes in order for their brand to transition successfully.

How can I make these changes easy?

Have no fear! Tri-Flex is keeping up with the evolving requirements and will be here to consult you on the required changes. For starters, you should begin ensuring you have all of the required nutritional information about your product available through product testing. In the meantime, our savvy team is cooking up a plan to ease you through these changes. Keep a look out for our Nutritional Facts Update Plan that will keep costs down and make this transition painless.

Proposed Format

Proposed Nutritional Facts Format

Current Format

Proposed Nutritional Facts Format

The Label University At Tri-Flex Label @ March 19, 2014

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