For over 25 years, Tri-Flex Label has been serving businesses across the nation: allowing them to rise above their competition with high-quality custom labels at affordable prices. We have been family owned and operated since day one which is why it is so natural for us to treat each and every customer with genuine care, honesty & respect. Adding to our growing family every day, Tri-Flex Label prides itself on putting the customer first and bringing only the best to the table.

Our manufacturing facility, conveniently located in Farmingdale, Long Island, New York, houses state of the art production equipment; turning out some of the incredible labels you see on store shelves all across the nation. We stand by our policy of going to all extremes to meet our customers’ needs by building strong relationships, providing fast turnaround times and assisting our customers through all aspects of the order process.

You need labels

  • You're current label guy uses the phrase
    "due date" rather loosely.
  • You're afraid you've accidentally contacted a molasses factory when it comes to his "speed of business".
  • You'd like beautiful, high-quality labels
    and your first born.
  • You don't feel warm and fuzzy after conversations
    with automated message systems.
  • You have questions.
    Oh, so many questions.
  • You can only get so far with stick-figures & you're
    in need of a talented, knowledgeable artist.
Hand Shake

it just makes

We make labels

  • We deliver on time. Every time.
  • We work on a strict two week turn around time target. Now that's a mouth-full!
  • We utilize HD-Flexo technology, pH monitored inks & specially trained staff to turn out some of the most beautiful labels your lovely eyes have ever seen.
  • We will never make you sit through a frustrating automated message sequence. We do, however, have an on-hold-lady but she's really nice and tells the best fun facts!
  • Bring the questions. We'll bring the answers.
  • Our artists are pretty amazing & will hold your hand every step of the way.
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